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2019 Thales Access Management Index

Half of businesses believe cloud applications are the biggest targets for cyberattacks

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The explosion of cloud identities has set IT decision makers on a quest for reconciling the speed of cloud with the security, compliance and scalability needs of the enterprise. Surpassing the user experience offered by mainstream consumer applications, cloud access management solutions have emerged to address the multi-faceted challenges of the new identity perimeter.

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Key Findings


of businesses believe cloud applications are the biggest targets for cyberattacks


of organizations' security policies around access management have been influenced by consumer breaches in the last 12 months


of companies continue to operate without a CISO despite increased cybersecurity awareness

What's the most likely access management technology to protect cloud and web-based apps?


believe it is two-factor authentication


believe it is smart single sign-on


believe it is biometric authentication

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About the 2019 Thales Access Management Index

Thales partnered with independent technology market research specialist Vanson Bourne to gain insights from 1,050 executives in 11 countries with responsibility for, or influence over, IT and data security.

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