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Energy Operator Protects Critical Infrastructure Using SafeNet High Speed Encryptors - Case Study

A prominent energy distribution system operator needed to protect its critical infrastructure communications, ensuring hackers were unable to tap into lines. By encrypting communications using Gemalto...

Own and Manage Your Encryption Keys - White Paper

Access Management Handbook

As the number of cloud resources and applications in use across your enterprise continues to grow, a plethora of access management technologies can provide a smooth user experi...

Access Management Primer - Fact Sheet

Implementing cloud access management solutions increases enterprise access security, removes the ambiguity and risk associated with cloud compliance - and no less important - e...

SafeNet KeySecure - Product Brief

Top 10 Things to Know about SMS - White Paper

white paper SMS authentication: 10 Things to Know—Before You Buywhite paper SMS authentication Introduction Delivering instant remote access is no longer just about remote employees. its about enablin...

Data Security: The Foundation for Compliance and Reduction of Compliance Spend - White Paper

1 Data Security -the Foundation for Compliance and Reduction of Compliance Spend An Encryption-based Roadmap to Unified Compliance 2 Disclaimer: This guide does not provide legal advice. Do not rely e...

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